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About us

Tombolo ry is the student organization looking after the interests of UEF geography, human geography and environmental policy students in Joensuu.  Tombolo was founded in 2015, and in addition to looking after our members’ interest we organize various events and activities. In public we can be recognized by our bright green student overalls and our sympathetic signature penguin mascot.

Tombolo Events

We do not collect membership fees from exchange students studying at our department, so all our events are open to you regardless! Our annual events include a hiking trip, a Halloween party and a beer pong tournament, among others. Feel free to join our closed Facebook group from this link to stay up-to-date on our future events!

Other information

You might also be interested in the group European Geography Association Joensuu (EGEA). Their annual events include a Finnish Evening with going to sauna and familiarizing yourself with traditional Finnish cuisine, plus many other activities. To stay up-to-date on their events, feel free to join their Facebook group as well from this link.